AJ Story

Amelia James began with a spirited woman, who craved
ice cream, wine and…
an uplifting, honest brand to empower more
women personally and financially.

The year was 2017. But our story? That starts years before.

As a stay-at-home mom, the mom job came first. But, Arianna was ready to bring in meaningful income and daily ownership. This launched Arianna into working with brands as a savvy, selling ambassador.

Always passionate about sales, Arianna had seen how, when you believe in a product, the sky’s the limit. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Although she enjoyed work, something was missing.

Arianna still sought a culture that was uplifting and positive, that rallied women together to be the best they could be - no matter how many tantrums the kids had that week.

The AHA! Moment that Started Amelia James

Arianna was at a vendor fair, feeling underwhelmed by options. Then…BAM! The idea hit her like a piece of spaghetti, launched from across the dinner table.

Hold. The. Phone.

With her experience and passion to make a change, Arianna could fill the gap.

Arianna had been a rep for multiple brands; she knew what it was like to be in those shoes - and wanted to change how things were done (plus, get even more sassy and savvy with the clothes!)

Ready to create an ethical business that would empower women and grow their income in a meaningful way, the wheels began to turn.

A whirlwind of late nights, bent over laptops and spreadsheets, set the foundation for what transformed into the fast-growing Amelia James. From bringing on some of the best experts in the industry and signing the first Stylists to launching one of the most appealing comp plans on the market, AJ morphed into the tribe Arianna had been dreaming of.

Now, as it continues to grow and evolve, Amelia James has grown so expansively outside of Arianna and her ever-trusted, fashion-loving, chocolate-obsessed team.

  • It’s all the women who are connecting through our events and online
  • Who are cheering each other on in the Facebook group,
  • Who are sharing the stories of how this work has brought them income and new social connections.
That’s why it’s not just “Her” Story or “Their” Story. It is OUR Story.